Our Services

Fuel Nozzle Maintenance :

We specialize in the maintenance of Pratt and Whitney PT6 fuel nozzles insuring expert workmanship, Same day service with guaranteed quality products at reduced cost.





We can offer you up front exchange sets to make your aircraft maintenance more convenient.




Please give us a go and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the quick turn time and low cost.







On Site Hot Section Inspection :

  • Onsite HSI on PT6A


Borescope Inspections:

  • Video Borescope inspections i.a.w. PWC Maintenance Manual


Propeller Balancing:

  • Propeller dynamic balancing  (ACES)

Engine repair and overhaul:

  • Engineering review and liaison service to include regular updates on production status, test cell performance and delivery schedule for engines undergoing overhaul or repair at a contracted facility.
  • Inspection of engines after disassembly and prior to cleaning for the purpose of advising the internal condition and the effects of maintenance practices or operating environment on shop visit costs. Engines being processed through overhaul shops can be reviewed by examining the engine post disassembly, before cleaning and then again after cost estimate and just before test. These are the critical inspection points that are potential cost savers as they pickup disassembly damage, parts that could be repaired rather then replaced and ensures that the parts on the cost estimate are actually embodied into the engine.

  • Review of engine modification package to ensure that the modification specification is suitable to your needs, and that no unauthorized work is performed prior to acceptance of a cost estimate.
  • Cost estimate review of each engine repair or overhaul to identify opportunities for saving $$$$$$$$’s.
  • Parts sourcing (we will look for those hard to find and not so hard to find parts)
  • At your request, we will procure and supply serviceable components, tagged by approved overhaul facilities. This will save you $$$$$$$$$$$’s.
  • Scrap component review to identify parts, which may have been inadvertently or incorrectly rejected. Establish engineering review for available repair scheme and / or source outside refurbishment services to return those parts to a serviceable condition. This will save you $$$$$$$$$$$’s.
  • Periodic updates on technical problem areas and the manufacturer's forthcoming engineering changes, service bulletins and service information letters that will correct the problems.
  • Review and pursue special pricing policies, campaign changes and other programs that could have a bearing on overhaul/repair costs. Insure that the full benefit of these programs is received and reflected in the final invoice.
  • Invoice review to ensure that billings are accurate and that proposed or requested credits have been applied.


Hot Section Repairs:

  • Segment grinding and replacement
  • Blade replacement
  • Turbine balancing